Brisbane, Australia
She Lingered for a While (Baba Yaga).jpg
Baba Yaga's Apprentice
Folklore Tales
Wild Remembering - Performance
Re-Tracing Under the Full Moon
Non-Functional Patchwork
Performance drawing, indigo dyeing and a  figure.
As We Unfold
Performance drawing, indigo dyeing and a  figure.
Drawing Blue
Drawing, figurative drawing, textiles, silk, pattern, fabric


Drawing, shadow drawing, light, figure, installation, artwork

Looking In and

Looking Out

Drawing, Paper, artwork, mixed media

Finding Self

Gouache painting, textiles, room, Drawing, figure, installation, artwork

I don't quite get this "finding yourself" thing

(where the fuck are you supposed to look?)

Drawing, performance drawing, sand, beach, lines
Moving through Space

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