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There is a tension between how mystics were historically perceived — allusive; hidden; grimy, and in a way untouchable; they were found on the fringes where the predictable slipped into the unknown. Compared to the presentation of Esoteric knowledge in Pop Culture today, in sanitised, glistening spaces; diluted; presented as pure; accessible and structured; packaged into consciously designed sessions/workshops/retreats. I bricolage actions and rituals informed through Esoteric movements to create experimental ways of working through processes in the studio.

I use innovative material approaches to self-portraiture, including light-sensitive emulsions; novel chemical interventions on body, fabric, and paper; embroidery; re-enactment and performance; and drawing. I love the embodied practice of making, ritual, action and repetition.

I am based in Meanjin/Brisbane, Australia. 


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